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Last month I shared my plans with you for our laundry space remodeling. No doubt I aspire to have this makeover total, but it's going to be a process. As I have actually stated previously, I typically deal with my home jobs at night after the kids remain in bed. (Aaaaand often I go to sleep on my couch while enjoying Netflix.

I already had my can of Annie Sloan chalk paint left over from a previous job, so I was one fast House Depot journey away from kicking things off. Before we get unfathomable into our cabinet discussion, let's take a look at a "in the past" picture of our laundry space with its mismatched cabinets: And here's the motivation board I initially developed to direct the makeover, which has been changed a little you most likely discovered when you began reading this post: Okay, back to those laminate cabinets. Cabinet Painting 28202.

Sure, I have actually seen my fair share of Pinterest tutorials on painting cabinets and the results all looked so lovely (Cabinet Painting 28202). But I had to wonder if my paint job would look like all these Pinterest posts, and I was likewise curious if the cabinets would be able to weather a little bit of wear and tear.

And lastly, I have been a perfectionist for the whole 34 years I have been on this earth, and if the cabinet paint task looked anything except amazing, I understood I 'd be frustrated. No pressure. Obviously. But then I offered myself a pep talk and got to work.

Some Of Painting Over Laminate With Annie Sloan Cabinet Painting 28213 Chalk Paint -

Remove all hardware from the cabinets; reserved. Cabinet Painting Contractors 28212. (Note that you do not have to eliminate the doors unless you actually desire to I did refrain from doing this before painting and was happy with the outcomes.) Cover the cabinets in one thin coat of primer; let dry. Cover the cabinets in two coats of chalk paint, enabling ample time between coats so that the paint dries totally.

Stand back and admire your new gorgeous cabinets, and high five yourself for successfully dealing with a house task all on your own. Here are some photos of the process: Here's what the cabinets looked like after coat # 1. Streaky McStreakerson. Yours will too, but don't panic. After a 2nd coat you'll remain in fantastic shape.

Feel confident, this whole change did not happen overnight. Not even close. So what did I find out during this procedure that would be valuable for someone else looking to paint laminate cabinets?Here are my pointers if you're contemplating using chalk paint to paint laminate cabinets: If you're using chalk paint for a job, you basically can't mess it up.

You may be lured to use a roller in order to cover more ground in less time, but don't do it. Use a bristled brush for finest results. In the case of laminate cabinets and chalk paint, you'll improve, more even coverage from utilizing a brush. As one of the most restless individuals ever it discomforts me a bit to state this, however you must prime your cabinets prior to painting.

6 Simple Techniques For Ideas About Refinishing Laminate-faced Cabinets In A Mobile ...

I know that one of the selling points for utilizing chalk paint is that "no sanding or priming" thing. Avoid the sanding, sure, but do take the time to utilize guide. In the case of our laundry room, our cabinets don't get much use. They keep Christmas designs, file boxes with old tax return, and things like that - Cabinet Painters 28206.

Nevertheless, if you're painting a restroom vanity of a set of cabinets that is used greatly, you'll want to use some kind of leading coat. On that note, remain tuned for more updates on our laundry room makeover!Update: The laundry room remodeling is now DONE! Take a look at the complete improvement over here (Cabinet Painting Contractors 28216).

If painting your laminate cabinets in your kitchen area or restroom is your next Do It Yourself project, there are some crucial things you require to think about prior to you start. Repainting your cabinets is a very cost effective way to transform and re-create your kitchen area, especially considering that it costs a portion of what it would cost to do a full-blown kitchen renovation.

The first step before painting your laminate kitchen cabinets in your home is to ensure you have all the right tools and materials. This consists of the following: Dust rags, cleaning cloth and tack cloth( s) Painter's tapeAngled paintbrushMini foam rollerPaint traysFacemask/respiratorFine-grit sandpaperLaminate cleanerLaminate primerLaminate paintFanPaint sticks to stir paintLarge ground cloth or floor paper to cover cooking area surface areas Rubber gloves for cleaning Prior to you can include a single brush stroke of guide or paint to your kitchen area cabinets, you must prepare the surfaces to make sure that the paint will adhere. Cabinet Painting 28204.

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